He has have been working as teacher of English in Egyptian Governmental Secondary and Primary Schools for 16 years till now . He has authorized a dictionary on prepositions “Gem Dictionary of comparative Prepositions” to help the people in his country, translate the different sciences into Arabic and to facilitate the means of communication between the East and the West. He was also a part of the SOS4Love project around the world under the umbrella of the United Nations.  He is president of an official registered educational charity where he teaches free English courses to young people around Egypt to enable them to find a job in the labour market. He turned the whole textbook into songs to teach his pupils english grammar, vocabulary and sublime ethical values. He was chosen as one of the best fifty teachers around the world in 2017. He has many national & international recognition to his credit. He got the Change Maker Award by my superiors for changing the lives of my students to a better life. He helped his students to learn 500 lines of English in one week. He got Best Teacher Certificate by the Deputy Minister in Egypt. He founded Alsun Association in 2013 with aims at teaching free courses of English, Human Development, ICDL training to young people all over the Arab Republic of Egypt.

             She is a physics teacher & IT teacher at “Aristoteli” High School in Tirana, Albania.  She has teaching experience for 25 years & has started two projects with ACES (Academy of Central European Schools) and made them successfull in cooperation with schools from Romania, Croatia and Macedonia. She got 2nd place in a Microsoft competition in Lisbon in 2012 as the most Innovative teacher in Albania and in 2015 . She took first place and became Microsoft International Expert and Worldwide Trainer. She presented Albania in Redmond, Washington, US. She even stepped in as the chaperone for Model United Nations. Her innovative achievements were recognized by the US Embassy in Tirana, which help her to win the award of Act Now Champion for outstanding and inspiring role in youth education.  she got Certificate for Excellence in Teaching and Illuminating the World of Mathematics and Science 2017.

          Rashmi​  ​ Kathuria is well renowned mathematics teacher India. She is known for her innovative practices in science and mathematics. She is presently working in  Kulachi​  ​ Hansraj​  ​ Model​  ​ School,​  ​ Delhi as mathematics teacher. She has done many commendable jobs for students and teachers. She is very dynamic teacher. She has several national and international awards/recognition to her name. Her international journey of achievements includes her as International Activity Coordinator, ENO National coordinator from India, Varkey teacher ambassador, Google Certified Innovator, School​  ​ Enterprise​  ​ Challenge​  ​ Lead​  ​ Teacher. She completed 10 international projects under the British Council International School Award accreditation programme. She has developed​  ​ many manuals​  ​ for​  ​ students​  ​ and​  ​ teachers​ for CBSE​  ​ International​  ​ curriculum. She has innovatively integrated ICT in teaching of science and mathematics. She is motivating her students to use open source software for creating videos, photo story lessons, interactive applets, animated images, she encouraged them to create their own contents and presented them on Wikis and other social networks. She motivates & promotes collaboration, creativity and critical thinking while learning and sharing with students of partner schools through video conference. With her guidance her school bagged Mangahigh Asia winner 02 during online Mathematics Challenge 2016. More than 250 students received Gold medals and certificates whereas school also received gift​  ​ voucher​  ​ of​  ​ 1000​  ​ dollars. Received Face to Faith Gold Award by Tony Blair Foundation, UK.

Ms. Rashmi Kathuria

Country - INDIA
Posted 23/02/2018

Mr. Gamal Alkady

Country - EGYPT
Posted 23/02/2018

             Mirian Cartagena is working as Art teacher since 19 years, but since her childhood she liked to paint and draws and then decided to dedicate her life to Art teaching. Under her guidance, her students made several posters and painting on different circles of life and won many competitions at various levels. She has also started a process of Cultural Management through exhibitions in the House of the Ecuadorian Culture and with all the requirements of a sample at a professional level that is to say: inauguration with toasts, framed pictures, catalog of works and criticism of an artist.
         Her students work has been published in the press, several children's magazines and media. Her outstanding & remarkable work was also appreciated by higher authorities. Without having much knowledge of computers, she takes it as challenge to combine technology with Art in an innovative way. By her this innovative efforts only in six years, her work was appreciated by more than one million people and also got more than 1000 entries across the globe. Now, her work has become an Educational Resource and Virtual to be seen around the world. She also published several topics of visual arts to promote the Arts for teachers and the general public. She has also published seven digital books on painting techniques.

Ms. Mirela Gabriela Tanc

Posted 23/02/2018

        She teaches the language and literature in the Oltea Doamna Secondary School in Oradea, Romania by modern and innovative methods. Her innovative teaching methodology has enabled her students to perform top positions in national level exams. As an expert in innovative education, she is one of the two Skype Master Teachers in Romania, MIE Trainer and Member of Harvard Learning Community. Microsoft has nominated her as one of the most innovative teachers in the world, a nomination that has brought him numerous appearances in national and international media. She acted as evaluating teacher, member of training team at national level, coordinating teacher for country team, member in evaluating board at national level in in 2006 – 2008. She was coordinating teacher of the National Educational Programme EUROJUNIOR. From 2006 to 2010, she was appointed by the Inspector Mazilescu as a "scientific consultant". Her students won several national and international contests, exams and competitions. Her contributions in various other cultural activities are appreciable globally. She participated in many national & international seminars/conferences.

Global e-Innovation Award Winners - 2017

    In 2015, he had a Skype call with an outreach assistant in the Kakuma refugee camp. During the call he promised to help to increase the level of education in the camp. The Kakuma camp is based in Kenya and houses 200,000 refugees who fled from war and hunger in Somalia, DR Congo, Burundi and Sudan. The Kakuma schools have very little resources: no computers, no power supply and a textbook ratio of 1:10 students. Koen decided to send his own laptop to the camp and was able to ship 20 additional laptops, a solar panel and internet infrastructure to the camp sponsored by crowd funding. In the next stage he founded a community of 150 educators over 45 countries willing to teach the refugees via Skype on weekly base.In 2017. Koen launched the Climate Action project involving 250 schools over 69 countries. The project was supported by Dalai Lama, Greenpeace, dr Jane Goodall Foundation, UNESCO, etc. This way they were able to collaborate in their own classroom and then learn from their peers across 6 continents

Mr. Koen Timmers

Country - BELGIUM
Posted 23/02/2018

Mr. Atef Elbattal

Country - QATAR
Posted 23/02/2018

Dr. Manuela Prajea

Country - ROMANIA
Posted 23/02/2018

             Manuela is a Math teacher  in the Romania.  She has Ph.D. in Mathematics and is principal of the Traian National College, a prestigious high school in Romania. She is passionate about Mathematics, Olympics, innovation, STEM, leadership, intercultural exchanges, training, scholarships, opportunities of learning or volunteering, 21st Century Learning Design. She prepared many generations of national or international Olympics and she founded two major programs in her school: - the Space Invaders program after NASA educational resources, STEM projects based learning as Honeywell Educator, Save Earth Planet, an environmental educational program. She promoted global education and the changing of the paradigm of perceiving Mathematics. Her 87 students won international prizes,140 national and over 650 regional prizes during the time. She was awarded as finalist at the Global Teacher Prize 2016, Claes NOBEL Educator of Distinction 2011, scholar of the Honeywell Educator & Space Academy 2012, scholar counselor at the Leaders United, Washington DC 2014, volunteer at the Leonhard Euler International Charitable Foundation for Mathematics from Russia, member of the methodology committee of the International Mathematical Olympiad Formula of Unity Russia. and recently she won with her team which she coordinated, the title of winner of the pisa4u- The Online program for School Improvement from 4000 participants from 170 countries and we will be invited soon at the center of the OECD in Paris to present our project. In Romania, she was awarded by the President in the grade of Knight and the ministers of Education.

Ms. Mirjeta Domi

Country - ALBANIA
Posted 23/02/2018

Chiniot Educational Society

Country - PAKISTAN
Posted 23/02/2018

     Naila Tabasum, is serving the people of Pakistan through “Chiniot Educational Society” for last 28 years. She has worked as teacher for 18 years at various levels and for 10 years as a principal till date. She is running a NGO named as “Chiniot Educational Society” and through this society, she is running schools and colleges in Pakistan. Her society is providing quality education with highly qualified and committed staff, to the under privileged class of the society. Presently more than 1600 plus students especially girl students are being benefited by it. All students are provided world class state of the art infrastructure & education. Her NGO is providing 100% free education, free books, free uniforms and all other accessories to privileged students/females students of the society. Under her leadership as principal since 2008, several students secured top position in exams, many students are qualifying for students exchange programmes, participating in MUN, actively taking part in ISA global Award in Education, Connected Classrooms, and many more. NGO is  not taking even a single penny donations from any national or international donors/agency and generating all funds from Local Chiniot Sheikh Community. Her NGO main  aim is CHIRAGH SAY CHIRAGH JALTA HAY (lit a candle and then allow it to lit many other candles).

(An Internationally Renowned Organization)

       He has started his work as a teacher of English in Egypt from 2000 to 2006, in UAE from 2006 - 2013. Now in Qatar from 2013 till date at Mohammed bin Jassim bin Mohammed Al-Thani Preparatory School. He throughout carrier is dedicated to teaching.  but now serving the society as teacher in Saudi Arabia. As a teacher, he has worked in various countries/cities in Egypt, Libya, Abu Dhabi. He is active member of TESOL ARABIA. He has actively participated in various International seminars and applying his innovative teaching methodology at grass root level to benefit the most weakened section of society. He has helped in organizing seminars and forums with Abu Dhabi Educational Zone 2006 to 2010. He is using  various tools with his students like Sway, Word, Microsoft PowerPoint specially Office Mix, Minecraft and Author Kit in his classroom. He is MIE Expert 2015 till date.  Also he is  MIE Master Trainer & MIE Fellow 2016 & Minecraft Global Mentor 2018.

Ms. Mirian Cartagena

Country - EUCADORE
Posted 23/02/2018