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Research Solutions

MIF have collaboration with Plant Researcher and partner for providing better services to all the companies, researcher & students which are associated with research.

Why to apply through MIF for various services :

1. You will get discount of 10% on the various services of plant researcher if apply through the MIF.

2. MIF is working internationaly, so provide the authentic platform to apply through us to Plant Researcher.

3. If you face any problem/difficulty after apply or payment to any Plant Researcher services, MIF will act as interface to solve out your problem with PR.

4. Apply through MIF will make you tension free for the value you paid to PR.

Services :

1. Manuscript Formatting and Editing

2. Manuscript ready for submission

3. Pre-Publication Peer Review

4.Literature survey

5. Thesis organization

6. Handling Presentations

7. Handling computational data

8. Remote server availability

9. Mentorship in project designing

10. Scientific suggestions

11. Handling day to day data

12. High throughput data analysis 

13. Experimentation in molecular biology

14. Negotiation in prices

15. RNA isolation and shipment services

16. Trainings in molecular biology

17. Journal Editorial board