MUGU International Foundation (MIF) is honoring  the most deserving  people in the society across the globe every year. MIF recognizes the hidden talent of society in the various field at national & international level.

Initially, this award was given in the field of education only but from this year it is open for all (innovators/thinkers/organizations/industries/companies/NGO) who have done a commendable work for the welfare of society .

                                 "e-Innovation Award-2018" aims to fill the gap by actively reaching out to all corners of India & world and identify, recognize and felicitate those, who are going much beyond their normal curriculum & duties in an innovative and inspiring way with their full creative potential & has brought a change in the system by setting up a moral example for the others to follow on the real ground with practical outputs.

Every year very few most deserving  participants are selected after a very stringent selection procedure.

Procedure to Apply for Awards:

       All nominations for these awards are accepted online only.  The following  three steps  are compulsory  while applying for these awards.

1. Register yourself online 2. Send your achievement bio-data and photograph 3. Share your view on our Blog about your work.

Step 1 : Registration :

                                     To register for these awards :
Click Here

Step 2 : Documents : 

i). Send your photograph &  bio-data including your all outstanding achievements (in word/pdf format) : Click Here

      (The documents must bear your signature and date. Photograph must be of high quality.)

ii)  Please also answer following while sending your bio-data/achievements :
                     1. Your outstanding contributions in your field. (in 500 words)  .
                     2. Explain in brief, how are your efforts has change/enhance face of society.
                     3. What are the new things/concepts/technologies you have introduced as innovator in your field.

   Step - 3 : Blog Sharing :
                     Share your views about your innovations/contributions on our blog :
Click here

On our blog, share your views/contributions. Motivate your friends/colleagues/institution to do comments as a support to your work. These views/comments are  evaluated by our jury members. Sharing on blog is a necessary step toward final selection as Vote for support to your work.
                   People appreciations & support to your work on blog will reflect actual importance of your work done in society by you. Our judges will consider all votes, you get on blog while shortlisting & finalizing the winners. Every comments or your views will increase your chances to win these prestigious award beside others Criteria. So try to achieve maximum support for your work from society on blog.

For Students Awards :
                             A Consent letter (scanned) signed by student's parents/guardian bearing parent's/guardian's full name, address and mobile number must also be sent to us by e-mail or attachment. Consent letter must state that : 
"I give permission to my children to enter  e-Innovation Award - 2018. We have no objection if  our child is selected for this prestigious award. We have also no objection if his/her nomination detail is published or shared  by foundation publically in social media/newspapers to motivate others in society".

Selection :
                   Our  jury members are very eminent personalities from various fields. They have a very vast experience. These board of members will select and suggest names of outstanding winners to MIF after an independent selection procedure. All the above three steps are compulsory.
 Awards Categories :  

                              The number of awards in each category will be determined by foundation. Foundation reserves all rights to increase or decrease the number of awards at any step of selection procedure.

Types of Awards :

1. Global e-Innovation Awards  2. National e-Innovation Awards ( only for Indian).

Sub category of above two awards :
  1.  e-Innovation Best Teacher Award,    2. e-Innovation Best School Award  3.   e-Innovation Best Student Award

  4. e-Innovation Best Organization Award,  5. e-Innovation Best Innovator Award.  

 Last Date To Apply :

                          This award nomination opens on 07- 10-2018 and closes at 23:59 GMT on 31 -01-2019 .  Any entry submitted after the closing date will not be considered.

Eligibility Criteria :

 Any person/organizations/institutions who have done historical & trend setting work in the society in their field. For National e-innovation awards, only Indian can apply.
Registration Fee : 

                          No registration fee/fund is charged in any form. Nomination is totally free of cost.

 You will get in award :                     
i). The winner’s names and photographs will be displayed permanently on our web portal and social media with short write up  

      about their achievements to get international recognition. 
ii). Foundation will give winners free honorary membership(non-voting).
iii). All the winners will be awarded with Appreciation Letter, Winner Banner and Prestigious Award Certificate.

iv). All winners will get MIF honorary membership(non-voting) & their name will be displayed on MIF webportal lifelong.

      And the soft copy of all these certificates will be mailed to winners on their registered email (pdf). Winner will also get all these

      certificate in printed form through post at their resident address.

RESULT :1st week of Feburary 2019 (Tentative)

 Lucky winners will be announced by website/blog/newspapers/ other social media channels with their photographs and achievements.
Winners will be contacted by SMS (only in india) and e-mails individually.
Printed certificate may take addition 2-3 weeks for dispatch from the date of declaration of result.

Terms & Conditions :

MIF is an autonomous body &  bear all the rights related to these awards.

These awards can not be challenged in any form in any court or on any other platform.

The decision of the MIF will be final and it is acceptable to all the participants.

MIF have rights even not to give any award to any in any particular year.

(An Internationally Renowned Organization)

Rules & Regulations to Apply for E-Innovation Awards - 2018